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Did you know that a large number of scientists throughout history were religious? 

Many often argue that these scientists were part of a different era, which made them more susceptible to religious ideals. This, arguably, is a fallacy that insults the deep thinking scientists that thought through their beliefs. We now find ourselves in an era of “modern science,” where everyone is an expert and the scientific method is loosely used to fit the objective of the user. 

Reality is not simple and goes much deeper than what we can sense around us.  We have come a long way but the fact is, many of the questions of ancient philosophy still linger to this day. Some of the greatest minds to ever live have wrestled with the questions that we still find ourselves asking.

This series will feature many great scientists, some of which are still practicing today.  We will look at their life, contribution to science, and faith. We will even examine their writings on the subject of faith as they are available.



Maxwell carried his faith with him throughout his career and proved to be a deep thinker in the realm of science, philosophy, and Christianity. During the final weeks of Maxwell’s life, he was regularly visited by a minister who noted this about Maxwell:

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